Boost Series RND.2: To go or not to go?


As a month turned into weeks, and weeks into days from the approaching Round 2. The organizing members cleaned up as much they could before event day by announcing rule changes, acknowledging the problems with Round 1, and giving as much information when ask as possible.


It seemed Round 2 had hope……but did it?


Ever play a game, whether virtual or reality, when the opposing team is down by so much it seems impossible for them to comeback. Yeah thats what Boost Series situation seem to be…..


But…they came all the way back. We started on time, had a long session, straight into qualifying, break time, competition and before you know it was tandem time which for this event directly translates into non stop chaos. This is the event I know and missed from round 1.


I didn’t take much pictures because this time I was having way too much fun and run time to have a care in the world. So if you want to have a good time, compete in a fun competition to figure out what you want/need to improve on and tandem with damn near everyone you see fit, this is the event for you.


Unfortunately though it seems we will be taking a break from this event since we’re hosting our own in July (more details soon) and a group effort to prepare for ALL STAR BASH as a team with maybe a Sonoma Drift visit in between that time.


FEINT HEART at Boost Series!



The day FEINT HEART was created a dream of all three cars  being at the same event driving at the same time was the goal. For some reason it seemed that one car or the other were down, financial situations, or simply not getting the day off has diverted us from being at the same event at the same time.



This day was the day we would change that. Last season after attending Boost Series, us as a  Team decided we would run this venue for competing and all around fun time. Marshall and Thomas have gotten a good amount of seat time since the final round at Boost Series last season, for Alex and the Z this was only the second official event both have attended so there was much to be had!


(I obviously didn’t take this picture ^_^)

The event started an hour behind schedule making things kind of a rushed messed in some cases. Eventually we had a short practice session and then onto the drivers meeting .

IMGP1768 IMGP1773


What the judges were looking for were pretty clear, hit this clipping point here, go wide here, don’t hit the judges,  and most of all be completely as badass as possible for the highest points. After walking the track the layout it became pretty clear for us drivers to see what they were looking for. The walk around cleared up a lot of initial confusion on the course layout!


IMGP2021 IMGP2073

The return of some Ex-Proam drivers/cars brang mixed emotions since it was more “fun” drift competition but the pro-am drivers were within the rules so it was just tough luck for some. Sherry was killing it as always in her JZ powered S13 vert qualifying 1st and the purple S13 also JZ powered were both doing very well. During the drivers meeting for qualifying, the comment “you guys got beat by a girl” didn’t sit well with some, putting a large target for Limitless team.


Thanks to YoshManjarrez Photography for allowing me to use the following images since I can’t shoot and drive at the same time. All three of us qualified high enough to make it into the Top 16! Unfortunately none of us made it passed our first battle but it was awesome nonetheless. We had a great time doing it now we all know what we need to improve on and what the cars may need some fine tuning. The judging was completely fair and with no doubt on point!


IMGP2076 IMGP2128

Before we knew it the battles were over…


Open drift as promised was pretty much nonexistent  after the competition ended at 5:30ish p.m. Now….I’m not one for ranting on the internet about events since I put that behind me long ago buuuuuutttttt…….. I can rant about how poorly the overall communication was to drivers, media, and staff. I can rant about how after the drivers meeting we sat around 30-60minutes waiting to line up for qualifying then already having little time it was decided to have our lunch break and then another drivers meeting before qualifying. I can rant how while we were still waiting for qualifying to start they decided to have a follow car take pictures while following “A” car while we have been sitting around waiting to drive (more than once btw)……..


I can rant about even simply lining up the cars even took forever…mind you theres  only eight pairs to begin with only getting smaller. I can sit here and rant about how some , not all, staff thought walking was the new running. What? you think none of us clearly saw someone say “Cmon guys stop walking” and you simply waved him off? At that point I lost all interest in shooting and walked back to the pits in ovrerall frustration. With how smoothly last year went, this was completely different aura. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, though there was a large majority saying the same thing while I was there which makes it enough for me to feel confident in putting it here.


There was an obvious presence that was very much missed by everyone and it showed. I’m not going to get into that, thats something for someone else to figure out. We love Boost Series, We want to keep coming to Boost Series, We want to Win Boost Series, We want to drive Boost Series, but whats the point if we can’t have fun do to complete disorganization and time control?Theres a few you can start on. We are still in the air about attending Rnd.2 at this point but we hope things will start looking up, if not we will be setting up a skid pad day at thunder hill instead or simply attend something else.You want criticism? Theres a few.



IMGP1147  The 240z and 280zx (Marshalls daily) decided to head out to a BBQ gathering a little while ago hosted by the masters of Frame Banging, Rail Sliding, Style drooling, Cherry popping hooligans known as the Slamburglars were hosting  a meet/bbq. The planning that went into the event last minute is what made this event different from the rest.   IMGP1133 Last year Slamburglars hosted a BBQ hangout for a gathering of lowered/slammed cars which had a great turnout. Naturally another was planned for this year but up until about a week before it was suppose to go down, some tattle tell virgin punk bitch decided to alert the authorities of the area know that there would be a large gathering of cars. I don’t know exactly what happened, but from what I heard they wanted to charge a fee for a BBQ so it was cancelled days before.   IMGP1096 From that point the Meeting was cancelled all together leaving some of us in “WTF JUST HAPPENED” feeling. Thus the Secret MEAT was created as an vague invite only event to keep attendance controlled without having any problems at the new location.  Ocean Beach in San Francisco was the new location on a relatively clear day with only a slight breeze to really complain about.   IMGP1139 IMGP1145 IMGP1119 IMGP1094 The cars that showed up made me want to drive mine into the ocean because the bulk of  cars that came out wer show car quality or dam close…. with a Shakotan twist making even unknowing bystanders wander around in awe asking the most common questions “How do you get over speed bumps?”  or  “Must have lowered it for performance”.   IMGP1132 IMGP1120 IMGP1114 IMGP1112 IMGP1108 IMGP1082   With the BBQ set to go on till 6-7pm people had more than enough food and beer to last them into the night. Beers were passed around accompanied with “Cheers bro”, high fives, hugs from old friends, and fan boys critiquing everyone whip. No matter what you were doing, everyone froze when someone was leaving the lot wondering “IS he gonna drift? He better drift? Nah maybe a burnout? DRIFT YOU BITCH…” ohhh the feelz. IMGP1134 IMGP1118 IMGP1088   The meet even caught the attention of the Redbull Mini car which two pretty ladies ended up handing out  free Redbulls to the crowd for a bit. I said my goodbyes around 3-pm since I couldnt get the day off i opted out for a later start time. Everyone starred at the rusty busted Z to see if I would fall victim to the drift virus.   IMGP1089 Ill be saving the drifting for Boost Series :). It was great seeing everyone and meeting some new blood. Till next time sexy people….   IMGP1163

TFH: The new, The later, The Now.


I figure it was time to give a glimpse of the future, now and later plans for the members of feint heart. Let’s start off with the now shall we?


We now haz garage for us driftars nowz :). Don’t have to worry about people hassling us for loud cars accompanied with loud outburst when busting knuckles (literally). The cars will getting a lot more attention now that the space is open for us to do pretty much whatever we want.


The new: If you haven’t seen on Facebook or through instagram our team logo has received quite a facelift with the help of Samuel Mercado at Attackworks. This time around we wanted something more “center-able” since the previous one had an odd shape for certain spots on the cars. Thanks to Samuel with a few words of what we were looking for, he nailed it on the head on the first try. We hope to rep attackworks in a big way this season if we can manage it.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to export the file yet so this is what I have to show for now.


The future: After some team talk we decided that 3 of the 4 cars are going to run boost series this season after Thomas and Marshall having some good times. Boost Series is a fun motivated competition between drivers that don’t exactly have pro class skills or cars but sets competitive atmosphere for those who want to take a step into a more professional direction. Not to mention if you win you get free admission into GGD Pro-am!



Car wise it’s all the same thus far with Marshall constantly tuning his car to a competitive level but more importantly achieve a satisfactory level that leaves a grin after every shift instead of a uncertain eye brow raise.



The S14 that is all Thomas has been going through quite the thrashing. The once was sparkly clean rocket bunny kit is slowly deteriorating from day to day grind, to the track wherever thomas goes the kit goes. Though plans are being drawn out slowly for its next stage but for now its duty is just to live.


Finally my car is waiting for some simple but time consuming work like finishing the wiring, headers, and new coil-overs. Other than that I haven’t touched it for about 3 months. Time to shake off the dust to go door to door with me mates this summer, even some side mountain Japanese inspired intial d times to add for fun.


Yoshi with the Z you never see also has purchased a Cressida. He now has a car thats kinda cool enough to come drift with us. I would say that’s what going on these past couple months. Pretty much Boost Series is what we are all looking forward too doing next as unit since this season all of the cars can now drift together. Till next time!


Sonoma Drift: Day of Meihan

Welcome readers to another TFH post!

untitled (1 of 79)

This post actually took way longer than I originally intended, a lot of things have been changing in the Feint Heart world. Anyways like last year, Sonoma Drift put together another awesome Winter Jam event unlike last year we didn’t have the equipment for the competition day so we cut our losses borrowed equipment ( 5D MKII and other toys) from Reg at Double Zero


untitled (58 of 79)

Enough backstory lets get to what happen this fateful day. Every so often Sonoma Drift puts together a replica version of the famous Meihan Sportsland which everyone knows from Kansai and them bombass Team Burst tandems everyone loves in our community.

untitled (6 of 79)

Not everyone was there just to drift though, some were waiting to be Tech’D for the following day.

untitled (44 of 79)

Cool cars, tandem trains, inhaling rubber compounds of all types (giggity) made for a fun and enjoyable event for spectators and drivers all day long. Not to mention the diversity:

untitled (11 of 79)

untitled (15 of 79)

untitled (17 of 79)

untitled (50 of 79)

untitled (68 of 79)

untitled (76 of 79)

untitled (61 of 79)

untitled (56 of 79)

This is a trend I hope continues but there will always be a place for dem dere silvias I tell ya. None of us really were able to drive this like we planned since life decided to strike a little early before the event got started, but I’ll save our plans for the season for a separate post. At Sonoma there was only love for the regulars and newcomers. Media was there to capture it all. No matter what the skill level was someone was out there snapping stills or hitting the record button for any car coming close to the deadly K-walls.

untitled (46 of 79)

untitled (52 of 79)

“K-walls are mean” Alex Hsieh once said. He was right. They always claim cars when you least expect it. Goes from “Dude he’s finally getting it down”……..seconds later you turn around wondering what on earth happened. Hopefully a swift bounce back for this Jeff Wolfson built S14.

untitled (30 of 79)

untitled (11 of 79)

What more can I say? This event was simply fun. It was about a month ago and this post may not have been as detailed as I liked. I just wanted people to know if you haven’t been to a Sonoma Skid pad day you’re probably missing out on the most fun you can possibly have at the track for a dam good price and for photographers and videographers alike a great place to show love for your local drift community.






All three TFH cars are now driving together. An update  for all cars will come soon enough with some big changes a modifications to come. Thanks for visiting till next time!



GoldenGateDrift Pro-am RD.3

Golden gate blog (1 of 1)

WELCOME BACK BRO’S AND GALS! WE MISSED YOU. Now that Bash to future  has came and went it was time to get focused. For Thomas and Myself (Alex) was to attend Golden Gate Drift pro-am once again! The past two rounds have been great and round 3 was not going to disappoint.

Golden gate blog (2 of 31) Golden gate blog (3 of 31)

This time around there was a practice day unlike the last round which allowed drivers to get comfy with the revies layout.


Heres a run during practice  from Will Griffith of Limitless Motorsports to see what the layout was like.


Random folder (223 of 223) copy Golden gate drift 6 (13 of 87) copy Golden gate drift 6 (15 of 87) copy

Qualifying got started. Then battles for drift superiority was in play..




Golden gate drift 6 (17 of 87) copy

Kicking off the onslaught of tandems was Joshua Sher and Joe Farasati.  Josh  sealed the deal on his lead run by leaving 4-5 car gap between him and Joe. Josh goes one!

Golden gate blog (7 of 31) copy

Some say Nick had a power level over 9000 which made Wais make a mistake at the end of the the run. Nick onward!

Golden gate blog (8 of 31) copy

Although Matt had a pretty bad crash at practice day, he somehow managed to  better the strong competitor Kyle Armstrong in his RB powered hatch for a spot in top 8.

Golden gate blog (9 of 31) copy

Carlos Amezcua had his hands full against the all mighty points leader Chris Mills. Carlos seemed to have something wrong going with his car allowing Chris to advance.

Golden gate blog (11 of 31) copy

Ty and Will were do for battle on the luxurious Stockton bank but Ty kept the pressure on and advanced into the top 8.

Golden gate blog (14 of 31) copy

Next up was Jeff and Faruk  …….Jeff was…..

Golden gate drift 6 (33 of 87) copy

Well he was kinda…


Golden gate drift 6 (35 of 87) copy

Kinda busy kissing walls…….. Even after multiple encounters with the K-wall during the day Jeff stayed calm and collected throughout the battles forcing some OMT’s but Faruk held his ground for a spot in the the top 8.  Faruk advances.

Golden gate drift 6 (37 of 87) copy

Matt and Joe Aimes were up next but a spin from Joe would end up making it a quick match. Matt Advances. (manual focus life starting to reaallllyyyy aahhhhh!!)


Golden gate blog (16 of 31) copy

Golden gate blog (15 of 31) copy

Primer paint pimpin Joshua Sher and Loud Leopard print Josh Mcguire to dance, a small mistake from Sher would leave the win for Mcguire.

Golden gate blog (18 of 31) copy

Rev limiter happy Nick wasnt going to let Coffman get the better of him

Golden gate blog (17 of 31) copy

And he succeeded. Nick onward

IMG_3834 copy

Ty spun after the straightaway transition giving Chris the win.

Golden gate blog (19 of 31)

IMG_3581 copy

Golden gate blog (20 of 31) copy

Faruks’ JZ Grocery getter versus the flying hulk Madrigali were up to due battle. Matt used hulk smash and went to the top 4


Golden gate blog (24 of 31) copy

Chris had just enough of an advantage to slip by Matt. Although Matt and his green machine lost he was still in the running for 3rd place.

Golden gate blog (23 of 31) copy

Nick had alittle hiccup against Josh Mcguire coming out the last turn giving Josh the win.

Golden gate blog (26 of 31) copy

It was  Matt Madrigali and Nick Bayati for third place! Would Nick be able to repeat  his third place finish from Round 2? or will Mad Matt Madrigali get his first podium of the season?

Golden gate blog (27 of 31) copy

And the battle for First place  between Chris Mills and Josh Mcguire was seriously exciting….

Golden gate blog (29 of 31) copy

A spin out from Josh would Solidify Chris to Podium…..

Golden gate blog (31 of 31)

Along with Nick Bayati sitting in a solid repeat of Third place.


Golden gate blog (4 of 5) copy Golden gate blog (5 of 5) copy


1st Place:Chris Mills

2nd: Josh Mcguire

3rd: Nick Bayati

Golden gate blog (5 of 31) copy

Theres your winners for round 3 folks thanks for reading. Golden Gate Drift is  going to be a great place Northern California talent for the drift world, not to mention one of the smoothest ran events I got to be apart of with minor to no drama between competitors. Thanks GGD! and see you guys next time!



Drift Evolution: Bash To The Future


Welcome viewers today I will spill the deal on how Drift Evolution | Bash To the future went this past weekend



I started my day at 7:00am to pack, then headed to work for alittle bit, left to hop on the local transit, and met up with Daniel Baxter(photographer) & Matt Madrigali (carbon fiber doors S13) for a long journey to Medford, Oregon.



Jackson Sports Park waited for the arrival of the Northern California regime to commence some great skids. There was a high percentage of “NorCal”  drivers/photographers that came out. That made the event like it was at home in a oven since it was pretty much 85 degrees and up the entire day.




What made this a “Must Go” event was the presence of Rob Primo, Julian Jacobs, Hert from Hoonigan, Slamburglars and Tandem of Die among some other awesome drifters were attending. Pretty much any fanboys dream to finally see the cars they idolize in person doing what they love most and possibly sneaking in a ride along with them like I did.

20130614-022113.jpgbr />




Go Kart racing: Awesome , Drift Cars: Awesomer , Drift Cars On a GoKart track? MINDBLOWN. Being the go kart track that it is, it was tight like an Asians…… no inappropriate jokes this time since it was a very child friendly event, but I think you know what I was going to get into. (see what I did there?)







This event had more than just the well known crowd but cars from all over Northwest area showed their diversity aswell. Can’t wait to get flamed for saying this but it was relieving hearing almost nothing other than turbos and jdm goodness from these cars since “V8’s are the way to go bro…. Merriiccaa!” nowadays. I’m not knocking V8’s at all it’s just nice to know that not everyone has joined the NASCAR Drift series yet.






Towards Mid-day everyone got comfortable with the track to run tandems on the already tight go kart track. Everyone lost the fear of getting hit apparently because constantly everyone was trying to put their tires on some else’s door which made for great pics and videos for everyone becoming almost like a competition.



As the day was coming to an end my gang of hood rat drifters started packing up to head back to the hotel. Leaving the event I had a large grin on my face knowing that “today was a good day” not to mention a cold adult kool aid beverage waiting for us, made for a great night. (and an even worse morning)





The day we were all waiting for had finally unfolded in front of us, although we didn’t stay too long for day two, I think we were all mildly satisfied with a taste of what Bash to the Future had to offer. No matter if you  attended to getaway from home, support a friend, dial the car in, to party, to photograph/film, catch a ride along, volunteer, or just simply to have some fun. Drift Evolution | Bash to the Future will be remembered as a meeting awesomeness across the northwest for all drifters of all kinds.



Golden Gate Drift Round 2

Its been quite around here so why dont we get loud with the return of Golden Gate Drift Pro-am Round 2 at Stockton 99 Rceway.

This time the layout was flipped around alittle closer to Thunderdrifts layout from last year including both Banks. Another suprise was a few competitors came up north to compete with the Northern Region.




Unfortunately though I wasn’t able to get many photo’s in this time around since I was focusing mainly utilizing my new camera (to me) for video. Stockton 99 always has its fair share of crashes allowing others to continue deeper into the competition leaving some unscathed.



Qualifying shrank though with a couple of drivers out of the game completely from run in from the obscene wall made it the fastest top 16 evar. In the end though the ones who came out on top were:


3RD Place: Nick Bayati
Nick although making less power than last round (25oish) with his  RB on a new tune. He was consistent enough to keep it all together to get one of the top spots, I’m rooting for you Nick!


2nd Place:Chris Mills

This guy was on it all day going through all my video footage or photos he was on the door whoever he was behind. Chris  got first last round and leading in point brings him that much closer to his Formula D license.


1st Place: Dave Forman

A competitor from the Top-Drift series came up and shook the series with his Oddball chassis and in your face tandem tactics made this round extremely exciting watching him throughout the day. Dave is going to be rattling the ranks for the next two rounds and will be a competitor to watch till the curtains close.



So thats about it I will be sharing pics throughout the week until the next event we attend. Sorry guys I know this one isn’t as in depth as the usual round by round or play by play format that previous post have been but I simply dont have the time for it at the moment. Until then checkout our video that was released moment ago and as always thanks for visiting.


<p><a href=”″>GoldenGateDrift Round 2</a> from <a href=”″>Team Feint Heart</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

GoldenGate Drift Rnd.1- In for the fight


Hurry, hurry, hurry come get your thrills from GoldenGate Drifts (GGD) first round of their Formula D Pro-am series! If you havent checked out our practice day coverage and the pit area go here: GoldenGate Drift: Spectator Standpoint .



After practice day drivers suited up again for the main show after making fixes and dialing their cars for the last time before qualifying. There were quite a few more cars that were around this time from the day of practice but still made for a dam good show.

IMG_7542 IMG_7543 IMG_7544 IMG_7546


The track layout was very simple starting from straightaway, hard right into the bank, ride the wall into the infield and then come onto the second bank ride the wall back into the infield to finish the runs.

IMG_7534 IMG_7742 IMG_7674



Stockton walls are known to be “very unprofessional and very mean” to drivers no matter the skill level. Few were taken completely out of the event but wall taps were much appreciated. In a way its kind of like a high five between the driver and the wall resulting in the crowd going completely nuts.

IMG_7558 IMG_7573 IMG_7583 IMG_7633 IMG_7663 IMG_7678 IMG_7697 IMG_7712

Qualifying went by fast with an array of spin outs  wall taps and smoke filled runs drivers pushed their cars to limits to get a top spot in the main show. A statement was made this day with Alveen Gideon receiving the first place qualifier spot with the least amount of horsepower almost comparable to a washer or dryer definitely made him standout from the rest.

-TOP 16-

IMG_7783 IMG_7773

First up for battles was Nick Bayati’s RBS13 against  Alveens limiter screaming corolla. Nick has upgraded the RB since the last time we met making 400ish whp and added a Big Country Labs wing to keep it on the floor but he only had small amount of actual seat time with the setup. During Nicks lead run he spun out allowing Alveen to advance to the next round.

IMG_7788 IMG_7794

Next up Julians awkward but functional S12 vs. Joe Aimes dancing triangles rx7 were ready to do battle. Its seems that Julian caught the dizziness leftover from Nick and also spun out  just before the second bank giving Joe the win.


Familiar face Matt Madrgali also fitted with a new Big Country Labs wing was going against Ty Milner which rumor has it that his Motor was from Matt Fields old Formula D car. Would it be enough to take out Matt’s two event winning streak?

IMG_7814 IMG_7826

Ty’s motor was screaming to catch but Matt’s consistency is was what took the cake.

IMG_7835 IMG_7844

The pair of Supermade Instant Gentlemen kitted cars which was Chris Mills in red and Joshua Sher in blue. On the Josh’s follow run he had spun out at the end of the first bank from correcting to catch up to Chris. Chris advances.

IMG_7859 IMG_7862

Jeff Wolsons Grey hatch was to do battle with this un-sponsored E30….Jeff like a black hole sucked him in and on the E30’s follow run tried to catch Jeff but spun out during the process, Jeff Advances!

IMG_7864 IMG_7866

Jeff Yorks sleek RX7 was scheduled to go against Joe Busto’s V8 S14 which ended early as well from a spin from Joe.

IMG_7872 IMG_7878 IMG_7882

Limitless motosports Will Griffith was next in line to due battle against Matt Coffman’s mayhem of a S13. Matt had a few private test and practice before the event to ensure a top spot but old habits die hard. A spin out at the beginning of the second bank solidified Will’s journey to the great 8.



Donovan had a bye run since Joe Farsati in the white supra headbutted the wall during qualifying breaking a line to his oil cooler.

-TOP 8-

IMG_7894 IMG_7903 IMG_7901

Alveen was on fire all day with his low powered corolla appreciated by everyone at the event, Joe Aimes was looking to put that fire out by being on his door the entire run. Unfortunately Alveen’s run became a little sloppy letting Joe slip away with the win.

IMG_7911 IMG_7915 IMG_7927

Calm n Cool Matt Madrigali was ready to let the Hulk out once again only to be stopped by red hulk Chris Mills after a long battle involving an Omt. Chris’s clean line and proximity drew him the winner card.



A sloppy follow run from Will gave Donovan Brockways a big enough gap to get him to the top four. Can Donovan get podium in two different series?

IMG_7960 IMG_7964

Jeff’s rx7 was dancing  but not  enough to getaway from Jeff Wolfsons s13 staying on his door till no end. Wolfson advances.


IMG_7977 IMG_7979

Chris and Joe  were ready to hit the bank together, apparently Joe decided to stick around at the beginning of the second bank like most other drivers had spun out before him. CHRIS TO THE 1ST PLACE ROUND


Donovan was ready to go two for two during his debut to pro-am series after getting pass Jeff Wolfson. Donovan shot himself in the foot by straightening  in the infield area. JEFF TO 1ST PLACE ROUND

For third

IMG_8000 IMG_8008 IMG_8012 IMG_8016 IMG_8020

When Joe was going up against Donovan for the Third place spot he did a wall tap  straight into the bank. Donovan maneuvered well his shallow angle may have given Joe the advantage? or did Joe lose angle after the wall tap?

For First Place

IMG_8021 IMG_8069 IMG_8167 IMG_8157 IMG_8153 IMG_8086

Two guys that can’t be stopped open the opportunity for the crowd to get loud and fatigue to rise between Chris Mills and Jeff Wolfson for the first place spot. Honestly they were so on top of their game every run looked like the last with no give or take from either driver……. after 2-3 OMTS a victor was selected.

Fourth Place:

Donovan Brockway


Third Place:


Joe Aimes

Second Place:


Jeff Wolfson

1s place:


Chris Mills


Also provided was “Crazy Entry Award” rewarded to  Alveen Gideon


So that’s all she wrote from the debut for GoldenGateDrifts Round.1 Pro-am series which by far from this example is going to be a great series to watch or compete! Congratulations drivers and see you next time!





GoldenGate Drift: Spectator Standpoint

Hello viewers and welcome to Today we are going to take a look at the Pit area and bleachers. Thomas went to the Slamburglars meet at treasure island while I made the journey to Stockton.





I actually didn’t think I’d be able to make it but when I arrived two words were constantly floating around which was Tech or Inspection. Since this year’s Pro-am drift series is ran by GoldenGate Drift rather than Thunderdrift, GGD is taking things very seriously and professionally to prepare amateur drivers for Formula Drift and overall safety standards.





With drifting evolving event by event so are the drivers and their cars. The horsepower scale, suspension geometries, steering angles mods, downforce (BCL), electrical revamps, fia approved safetyware and quality tires are very present this time around. Even with all of the changes that’s been put into affect the relaxing and friendly enviroment still untouched.






Simply put tomorow is going to be awesome. Donovan in his Red BMW has been awarded free entrance fee thanks to Winning Super-Am through Thunder-drift not too long ago and from his runs during practice the transition seems to be going well. I was surprised to see how many tandems were going on for it to just be practice considering some close calls that peaked in some runs although drivers would use their uber awesome skills to evade in the nick of time.







Tonight, cramming is on the to do list for some, the tech inspections and break downs will be making competitors do big jobs like swapping out an esploded egg yoke differential or small like getting the appropriate super legit jdm seat either way it’s going to be a “make it or break it” situation for competitors tomorrow. Now I will conclude this post as I realized how late it is and remembered how early I have to wake up to make it on time. Don’t be a stranger say hey I’ll be wearing my TFH black hat!!


Infield here I come! LET THE DRIFTING COMMENCE!!!