Sonoma Drift: Day of Meihan

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This post actually took way longer than I originally intended, a lot of things have been changing in the Feint Heart world. Anyways like last year, Sonoma Drift put together another awesome Winter Jam event unlike last year we didn’t have the equipment for the competition day so we cut our losses borrowed equipment ( 5D MKII and other toys) from Reg at Double Zero


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Enough backstory lets get to what happen this fateful day. Every so often Sonoma Drift puts together a replica version of the famous Meihan Sportsland which everyone knows from Kansai and them bombass Team Burst tandems everyone loves in our community.

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Not everyone was there just to drift though, some were waiting to be Tech’D for the following day.

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Cool cars, tandem trains, inhaling rubber compounds of all types (giggity) made for a fun and enjoyable event for spectators and drivers all day long. Not to mention the diversity:

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This is a trend I hope continues but there will always be a place for dem dere silvias I tell ya. None of us really were able to drive this like we planned since life decided to strike a little early before the event got started, but I’ll save our plans for the season for a separate post. At Sonoma there was only love for the regulars and newcomers. Media was there to capture it all. No matter what the skill level was someone was out there snapping stills or hitting the record button for any car coming close to the deadly K-walls.

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“K-walls are mean” Alex Hsieh once said. He was right. They always claim cars when you least expect it. Goes from “Dude he’s finally getting it down”……..seconds later you turn around wondering what on earth happened. Hopefully a swift bounce back for this Jeff Wolfson built S14.

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What more can I say? This event was simply fun. It was about a month ago and this post may not have been as detailed as I liked. I just wanted people to know if you haven’t been to a Sonoma Skid pad day you’re probably missing out on the most fun you can possibly have at the track for a dam good price and for photographers and videographers alike a great place to show love for your local drift community.






All three TFH cars are now driving together. An update  for all cars will come soon enough with some big changes a modifications to come. Thanks for visiting till next time!



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