Being our first post I would like to take a moment to explain who we we are and why we are doing what we are doing. We Are Team Feint Heart composing of currently two members (looking for moooaaarrrr) which are Alex and Joey from the San Francisco bay area  looking to get involved with the  loved, hated, and money pit galore of amateur drifting.

We are a group of friends that have one idea in mind simply how far can we go with the resources we have in the sport we all love.  Just like everyone else who aren’t the lucky ones born into money we all have jobs and a daily life making things even trickier to maintain but that what makes us just like so many others teams out there trying to make it.

Ok, its time to take a fucking breathe from the “proffesional voice”  because I never like talking serious about anything unless its about cocaine…..i love that shit…kidding…or am I you wouldnt know its thing like unpredicatbility that make things interesting right? Anyways what makes this blog tottally vagina cherry poppin awesome you can watch us grow from the ground up literally since Alex is transfering shells from his previous car from getting into a 3 car pile up and joey has just aquired his S13 Hatch from a long time buddie bud we’re both starting a new. I mean it would be awesome to drift with all the other bay area peoples like Low Budget crew, Team Yeee (i have no idea how many eeeee’e””’sss’ss’s’s”s derrrpppp are in that), Team Mint among others we know of.

Well but thats about it we are just a group of friends that wants to see what its like to start from the sizzling sound of the earths core to the cold whiteness of the moon (bottom to the top to you derpettes),  can we get there? how do we get there? and will we ever get there? Well we will never know until we try 1milliontrolldads percentage of awesomeness to get there. It’s exciting to have a goal with a unknown destination since we aren’t sure where we’re going to end up  but if anything is for sure we will give it our all not matter what direction we take. Will you follow us on this journey into the sands of prince of persia, or will you join us like the green ranger did in the power rangers although you dont have to start as a douchebag ;), well find out next time viewers on another episode of dragonbal……..i mean TEAM FEINT HEART’S BLOGBALL Z.

Btw-We will also try to get some Thunderdrift Pro-AM coverag, along with spotlights, and meets yaayyyy!!


3 thoughts on “Team Feint Heart….EXPLAIN YOURSELF

  1. Lol sister all we need is just your support, which means you have to come to our first competitive event when the time comes!

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