She looked at what por…..?! Check my the HISTORY!!….

Well since I’m going completely insane from boredom from my “nightly grind” which i call work  I’m alex (aka Alex Datsun) member of TFH with a short but bold addictiong for one letter of the alphabet which is the letter Z. My addiction for Z’s in general started from watching  Japanese VHS’s ,scanning through numerous cars on video games (Gran turismo, auto modelista, tokyo extreme racer,etc) or exposed to street racing/drifting through friends back in high school which was my main influence.

My first project  was a Nissan 300zx Turbo (Z31) which cosmetically was in great condition until i ran into numerous problems like quarter panel damage from a car accident the 3rd month i owned it,  then a substantial boost leak took it out of commision  and to top it off a lifter going “missing” not to long after which made the car sit even longer. I finally got to work put s13 kts coilovers on and got another turbo dropped that in with a few months later then about 8 months later a connecting rod decided to go rogue leaving its foster family of 5..which then came along a spider

For the 73 240Z things came along alot faster than the Z31, it came with a blown motor thursday, bought a motor friday, put it in saturday, drove it sunday and lowered it monday wam bam thank you mam….seriously mam you have to ACCEPT MY THANK NAOOO… then i decided I wanted to build a motor myself to get comfortable with building an engine myself which lead to deciding either rebuild a l24 or 3.0 liter stroker. I stuck with the l24 for overall engine response and cost along with having it simple since I wanted to do a mild rebuild it to replaced like anything that needed that new new smell got it.

After engine parts it was time to get the rest in place with brake disk conversion, Yuta special coilovers, t3 weld in plates and some misc stuff here, vinyled it to look a bit cleaner and then i was actually satisfied to where i got it. Until a few weeks ago when the car was involved in a accident making me dispose of the dam car (frame damage) which i was quite pissed about but shit happens unfortunately it was my turn to take a number 2. I kept my head up saved a bit of cash to go on the prowl for a clean,sexy,busty, not so rusty gir….i mean shell, yes shell, i meant shell. So after hitting up the whorish craiglist i finally found one that was in my price range kinda.


Now up to date this blue 73 240z  is going to be my weapon of choice after all the work thats been having swapped over everything from the black car also in usual fashion bought Monday, suspension swapped Tuesday, and then motor swapped wesnesday the next, only this time I’m plagued by electrical gremlins and lack of space to work on the car now. Drifting this thing isnt going to be the easiest unlike more casual drift platforms having the masses flood you with neccesary aftermarket parts makes this an interesting journey with this specific car.


That’s basically the history of my Z experience to why and how I have my current chassis also if you’d like a more detailed  story go to Alexdatsun. I personally don’t have any official drift experience so i’m basically starting off a virgin although  i’ve messed around in my cars before learning to do the basics stuffz. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing it because it wasn’t fun at all although  somehow this is keeping me awake till i go home. I hope you to stick around to watch us grow as a unit aswell as  individuals like human beings from like places going to like other places or like us being megaman looking for that hottie mrs.wiley at super marios house at castlvania town with zelda’s fine ass…seriously though i’d tie daisy up in….im losing it now.


Please enjoy this long ass post i call a personal introduction, wah da fuuu….

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