Awwww….shit just turned brown

Well it seems there was a flipflop in the announcement of the “wild card” position. According to sources Thunderdrift was not aloud to choose a wildcard winner but it was/is suppose to goto the 4th place position in points according to Formula D representatives or whoever. In other words Josh McGuire was stripped of his wild card position and FD License since Sean Hoover driver of the blue s14 was in 4th place by just .5 of a point over Josh. At this point we don’t know who is to blame if there is any at all, I would like to give a good rub on the back of Josh and his team for such a large obstacle to swallow. I would also like to send a congratulations to Sean Hoover in getting his Formula D license. This will affect a lot of people in the Northern California drift scene which already people are already taking action. This am unfortunate event that has taken place but sometimes things like this happen, especially in motorsports.


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