TFH: The new, The later, The Now.


I figure it was time to give a glimpse of the future, now and later plans for the members of feint heart. Let’s start off with the now shall we?


We now haz garage for us driftars nowz :). Don’t have to worry about people hassling us for loud cars accompanied with loud outburst when busting knuckles (literally). The cars will getting a lot more attention now that the space is open for us to do pretty much whatever we want.


The new: If you haven’t seen on Facebook or through instagram our team logo has received quite a facelift with the help of Samuel Mercado at Attackworks. This time around we wanted something more “center-able” since the previous one had an odd shape for certain spots on the cars. Thanks to Samuel with a few words of what we were looking for, he nailed it on the head on the first try. We hope to rep attackworks in a big way this season if we can manage it.
Unfortunately I haven’t been able to export the file yet so this is what I have to show for now.


The future: After some team talk we decided that 3 of the 4 cars are going to run boost series this season after Thomas and Marshall having some good times. Boost Series is a fun motivated competition between drivers that don’t exactly have pro class skills or cars but sets competitive atmosphere for those who want to take a step into a more professional direction. Not to mention if you win you get free admission into GGD Pro-am!



Car wise it’s all the same thus far with Marshall constantly tuning his car to a competitive level but more importantly achieve a satisfactory level that leaves a grin after every shift instead of a uncertain eye brow raise.



The S14 that is all Thomas has been going through quite the thrashing. The once was sparkly clean rocket bunny kit is slowly deteriorating from day to day grind, to the track wherever thomas goes the kit goes. Though plans are being drawn out slowly for its next stage but for now its duty is just to live.


Finally my car is waiting for some simple but time consuming work like finishing the wiring, headers, and new coil-overs. Other than that I haven’t touched it for about 3 months. Time to shake off the dust to go door to door with me mates this summer, even some side mountain Japanese inspired intial d times to add for fun.


Yoshi with the Z you never see also has purchased a Cressida. He now has a car thats kinda cool enough to come drift with us. I would say that’s what going on these past couple months. Pretty much Boost Series is what we are all looking forward too doing next as unit since this season all of the cars can now drift together. Till next time!


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