IMGP1147  The 240z and 280zx (Marshalls daily) decided to head out to a BBQ gathering a little while ago hosted by the masters of Frame Banging, Rail Sliding, Style drooling, Cherry popping hooligans known as the Slamburglars were hosting  a meet/bbq. The planning that went into the event last minute is what made this event different from the rest.   IMGP1133 Last year Slamburglars hosted a BBQ hangout for a gathering of lowered/slammed cars which had a great turnout. Naturally another was planned for this year but up until about a week before it was suppose to go down, some tattle tell virgin punk bitch decided to alert the authorities of the area know that there would be a large gathering of cars. I don’t know exactly what happened, but from what I heard they wanted to charge a fee for a BBQ so it was cancelled days before.   IMGP1096 From that point the Meeting was cancelled all together leaving some of us in “WTF JUST HAPPENED” feeling. Thus the Secret MEAT was created as an vague invite only event to keep attendance controlled without having any problems at the new location.  Ocean Beach in San Francisco was the new location on a relatively clear day with only a slight breeze to really complain about.   IMGP1139 IMGP1145 IMGP1119 IMGP1094 The cars that showed up made me want to drive mine into the ocean because the bulk of  cars that came out wer show car quality or dam close…. with a Shakotan twist making even unknowing bystanders wander around in awe asking the most common questions “How do you get over speed bumps?”  or  “Must have lowered it for performance”.   IMGP1132 IMGP1120 IMGP1114 IMGP1112 IMGP1108 IMGP1082   With the BBQ set to go on till 6-7pm people had more than enough food and beer to last them into the night. Beers were passed around accompanied with “Cheers bro”, high fives, hugs from old friends, and fan boys critiquing everyone whip. No matter what you were doing, everyone froze when someone was leaving the lot wondering “IS he gonna drift? He better drift? Nah maybe a burnout? DRIFT YOU BITCH…” ohhh the feelz. IMGP1134 IMGP1118 IMGP1088   The meet even caught the attention of the Redbull Mini car which two pretty ladies ended up handing out  free Redbulls to the crowd for a bit. I said my goodbyes around 3-pm since I couldnt get the day off i opted out for a later start time. Everyone starred at the rusty busted Z to see if I would fall victim to the drift virus.   IMGP1089 Ill be saving the drifting for Boost Series :). It was great seeing everyone and meeting some new blood. Till next time sexy people….   IMGP1163

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