Boost Series RND.2: To go or not to go?


As a month turned into weeks, and weeks into days from the approaching Round 2. The organizing members cleaned up as much they could before event day by announcing rule changes, acknowledging the problems with Round 1, and giving as much information when ask as possible.


It seemed Round 2 had hope……but did it?


Ever play a game, whether virtual or reality, when the opposing team is down by so much it seems impossible for them to comeback. Yeah thats what Boost Series situation seem to be…..


But…they came all the way back. We started on time, had a long session, straight into qualifying, break time, competition and before you know it was tandem time which for this event directly translates into non stop chaos. This is the event I know and missed from round 1.


I didn’t take much pictures because this time I was having way too much fun and run time to have a care in the world. So if you want to have a good time, compete in a fun competition to figure out what you want/need to improve on and tandem with damn near everyone you see fit, this is the event for you.


Unfortunately though it seems we will be taking a break from this event since we’re hosting our own in July (more details soon) and a group effort to prepare for ALL STAR BASH as a team with maybe a Sonoma Drift visit in between that time.


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