FEINT HEART at Boost Series!



The day FEINT HEART was created a dream of all three cars  being at the same event driving at the same time was the goal. For some reason it seemed that one car or the other were down, financial situations, or simply not getting the day off has diverted us from being at the same event at the same time.



This day was the day we would change that. Last season after attending Boost Series, us as a  Team decided we would run this venue for competing and all around fun time. Marshall and Thomas have gotten a good amount of seat time since the final round at Boost Series last season, for Alex and the Z this was only the second official event both have attended so there was much to be had!


(I obviously didn’t take this picture ^_^)

The event started an hour behind schedule making things kind of a rushed messed in some cases. Eventually we had a short practice session and then onto the drivers meeting .

IMGP1768 IMGP1773


What the judges were looking for were pretty clear, hit this clipping point here, go wide here, don’t hit the judges,  and most of all be completely as badass as possible for the highest points. After walking the track the layout it became pretty clear for us drivers to see what they were looking for. The walk around cleared up a lot of initial confusion on the course layout!


IMGP2021 IMGP2073

The return of some Ex-Proam drivers/cars brang mixed emotions since it was more “fun” drift competition but the pro-am drivers were within the rules so it was just tough luck for some. Sherry was killing it as always in her JZ powered S13 vert qualifying 1st and the purple S13 also JZ powered were both doing very well. During the drivers meeting for qualifying, the comment “you guys got beat by a girl” didn’t sit well with some, putting a large target for Limitless team.


Thanks to YoshManjarrez Photography for allowing me to use the following images since I can’t shoot and drive at the same time. All three of us qualified high enough to make it into the Top 16! Unfortunately none of us made it passed our first battle but it was awesome nonetheless. We had a great time doing it now we all know what we need to improve on and what the cars may need some fine tuning. The judging was completely fair and with no doubt on point!


IMGP2076 IMGP2128

Before we knew it the battles were over…


Open drift as promised was pretty much nonexistent  after the competition ended at 5:30ish p.m. Now….I’m not one for ranting on the internet about events since I put that behind me long ago buuuuuutttttt…….. I can rant about how poorly the overall communication was to drivers, media, and staff. I can rant about how after the drivers meeting we sat around 30-60minutes waiting to line up for qualifying then already having little time it was decided to have our lunch break and then another drivers meeting before qualifying. I can rant how while we were still waiting for qualifying to start they decided to have a follow car take pictures while following “A” car while we have been sitting around waiting to drive (more than once btw)……..


I can rant about even simply lining up the cars even took forever…mind you theres  only eight pairs to begin with only getting smaller. I can sit here and rant about how some , not all, staff thought walking was the new running. What? you think none of us clearly saw someone say “Cmon guys stop walking” and you simply waved him off? At that point I lost all interest in shooting and walked back to the pits in ovrerall frustration. With how smoothly last year went, this was completely different aura. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, though there was a large majority saying the same thing while I was there which makes it enough for me to feel confident in putting it here.


There was an obvious presence that was very much missed by everyone and it showed. I’m not going to get into that, thats something for someone else to figure out. We love Boost Series, We want to keep coming to Boost Series, We want to Win Boost Series, We want to drive Boost Series, but whats the point if we can’t have fun do to complete disorganization and time control?Theres a few you can start on. We are still in the air about attending Rnd.2 at this point but we hope things will start looking up, if not we will be setting up a skid pad day at thunder hill instead or simply attend something else.You want criticism? Theres a few.


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