Thunderdrift Pro-AM: Round 2

Well, well, take your seat on the couch over there while our private pleasers……i mean private escorts…i mean dammi… Just take a seat because..

Yet again i pretend to be awesome at thee art of moment capturing and shutter blinking. This is Thunder-drift pro-am round 2 hosted at the Solano fairgrounds here in California if you didn’t catch round 1 coverage here you go from my personal blog Thunder Drift and Z

Few new faces with alot of people returning from the previous round to rack up some points and some defending there gold,silver, bronze medals from last round. The track was changed a bit…….

Well claimed alot of cars with people being taken out of the event completely to people bandaging parts to go onto the next run.Since the first clipping point was a few feet from the end of the wall making early entries a must but with any hesitation could easily result in having sexual intercourse with the wall hard (what a tease) luckily though people adjusted to the new layout. Now lets checkout some the competition while i wait for my photos to upload *facepalm*

Heres Team MINT’s with the winter fresh pairing of jdm awesomeness with Alex’s 1UZ Powered AE86 and Jose’s traditional SR2 powered S13 also both cars got painted by Car N Bike moto giving them a nice proffesional look wit personal touches here n there.

That red corolla with f20CT was stupid doodoo dum retarted fast along with a nice spoolage tone always kept me on mah toes. Does the paint look familiar in the 2ND pic? Its Sherry also from Team MINT with her V8 powered s13 vert looking very well as usual.



So it was the battle of the s14’s, the white/Green is supercharged v8 and the red is rocking a 4 banger turbo . In motorsport gremlims like to play with your feelings for a bit which can end your entire fucking day as you can see in the second picture the white car had small to no angle at all….


Something had gone Alpha Alpha red code 9 fashizzlsauce hurry and fix that shit mode…they were given 5 minutes It was soon after the time for the S14’s to finish their runs now to see was afoot, the shift fifty wht/yel took the win.

Purple-ish Garage 45 hatch and Red Stealth customs coupe were to do battle in while the whie s14 gets up and running. If I remember correctly the hatch made a big booboo which allowed the coupe to continue so Up next we have..

Was birthday boy Alveen Get-it-on and damthatfuckingS13hatchissofuckingfast was thee most controversial moment of the day forsure. Corolla rocking a 4AG to that godam fast v8 s13 hatch alveen made it quite spectacle with the little power he has which suprised most.

After the first run damthatsfasthatch spunout seconds after this shot BUT then next run alveens corolla decided to take a look at the artsy wall resulting in a OMT #1 so to take a second..


Continuing on to OMT for these two both drivers made some pretty chunky errors during the run then led to OMT #2, then yet again drivers both made some mistakes and setup for OMT#3….holy shit im gonna warn the ambulance because these two red cars are out for blood waiting until the moment that will give them the deciding factor, corrolaman alveen went to checkout his tires real quick.

Now we’re here at OMT#4 with corollaman and damthatsfast finally getting a deciding factor BUT imagine you were taking a college test exam to advance to the next class but you recieved a D- which is passing and the guy next to you got an F+ you would assume you would pass right?. Well damthatsfasthatch spunout first run which you would think alveen just needs to not spin to get a decision, he straightened out for a second run which is why theres a gap in the last two pictures but as you can see he caught up. Damthatsfast hatch advanced…i shit you not….but thats motorsports.

Next was recently featured on Import Tuner Lex Kings RX7 up and Felipes 350Z while we had waited for alveen and damfasthatch. Lex drove the wheels off the dam rx7 as you can see from the pictures because im not sure if he missed lunch, breakfast and dinner but he was eating any gap there was this run giving lex the win.

Then it was battle time of the Chassis’s, the hatch made a fault which allowed the s14 to advance onto the next round.

Tyler Wolson in the GT Radial FD was running good all day, the deciding factor was when the s13 straighted lost drift which gave tyler the win. Then it was battle time for the 1UZ powered Fatlace IS300 and Alex’s MINTY AE86 it was going to be a good show but the AE86 came in with an awesome entry and cleared out the rest of of the run giving mints win. Then it was time for the v8 powered 510 and jose another driver of Team Mint got to go at it but the 510 made a big booboo and gave jose the win, if mint would get double podium would they get a sponsor from Double Mint gum or Winter Fresh? Onto the top 8!

The stealth customs S13 was defeated by the Shift Fifty S14…

It was lex up against damthatsfast with them running ever so good together it took some OMT’s to decide until lex signaled he needed 5 min to check something because on the exit of the second turn he was losing noticeable power coming out as the runs went out.

It was time for tyler wolfson and Blue s14 to have go at it which was pretty dam even battle until the S14 wanted to high five tyler while driving but ended up costing the match causing him to lose drift (spin i think) allowing tyler to advance.

Battle of bad breath commence! to see which one of these mints will be in the top 4 flavors. Toyota or Nissan which would be the flavor? It seems Jose was on a fucking role broseph cuz he outed 2 v8’s in one day taking the win which we were all stoked to see. (Because he didnt go ham, jose went steak)


Time for the top 4!

Then we returned to the battle with rx7 and the s14 which had the long list OMT’s aswell but after a very hard fought and agonizing suspense…Lex king advanced through!

It was time for Mints s13 to face off against Tylers FD for a old fashion drift-o-rama to get things shaken. Jose made tyler know that he wanted that triangle belt buckle added to the list by showing him his passenger door wants to share a photo like the knew samsung galaxy phone in doing that he defeatedg the rotary screamer.





Shifty Fifty s14 was taken out by the determined tyler wolfson from a crucial mistake straightening out although tylers chase run lacked proximity was still a clean run securing his third place spot on the podium.



Who would be the one on top? As you can see the closeness in tandems shows neither one was pulling back nor giving it easy decision on who wins this time around. Will lex king be lucky enough to have a trophy to lay on his spread on import tuner? Or will Jose be the one to advance farther than he ever has before and go beyond steak status to burn the meat off his tires in pursuit for podium?


Pictures of suspense? or subliminal message? maybe its here to prepare for whats to come,maybe its the blog having a mind of it own….or maybe your going crazy, maybe its here to warn your or maybe just maybe…

Jose had two triangles and two v-8’s hanging from his belt today and got him the win over the almost unstoppable looking Lex with wolfson in third repeating his third place finish from the first round. Although unfamiliar to podium jose had a hardtime figuring out the geometry of a champagne bottle for adults, but he got it eventually while utilizing it effectively. This was a day of up, downs, upsets, breakdowns and fun all around. Those battles showed people its not always about power but how much power a driver can make machine perform….




Perfect ending to a day of drifting with sunlight on my face in a very recognizable quarter panel and bonnet, guess it right and ill something special maybe…haha. Wait a second its missing something..ooh I know what it missing



Needs more Z updates pronto! Have a great day guys if you have a chance to take a look around please do so and give us a like also any advice to the post(s) would be nice and also checkout if you have minute to spare!






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