Engines of TD Pro-AM

Yo people and welcome back, for a minute it has been quite so when people started asking “What engine was that car running” and “oh wasn’t that car running this” talk . I thought why not do a entry about the engines in the engine bays that were battling in the bay, without further ado.


Well this nice SR-Twomp-Sack belonged to this Blue S14 that was killing it like a cat and mouse game with the cat having steroids then the mouse was running in slow motion on crack. The world of drifting has lost its style over the years but then cars like  this s14 shows style can follow function any day of the week Broham, fist tap this guy FAREAL CUZ HE A GANGSTA STY-YUL.

Now Heres another SR-Dwenty in the house with its awesome painted Corbra Venom Spiderman style Valve cover definitely making stand out from some of the other SR power plants, style points making the strut towers match the valve  to match. The outside was even more Identifiable with its exterior painted (vinyl?) PINK now thats one way to challenge a mans masculinity.


Even the 1st place winner is rocking a SR20 against all this V8 powahouses in the series!



Theres quite a bit of SR20’s running in this series than i originally thought until I actually uploaded these pics examples like the Stealth Customs s13 coupe or the red S14.


One of the stomach disturbing swaps for the Toyota purist nowadays is the RWD F-Series swap from a Honda S2000 although I didnt know if it was an F20C or F22C . You may notice the, I dont know rather large-ish turbo mated with the Honda 4 cylinder but it was pretty dam fast in the first turn carrying that VTEC POWA all around the track. Too bad this Corolla ended on the grass a few times although breaking body kits is part of this jurift world.

This is what I love about grassroots is that 4 cylinder turbo’s are still very much present since most of these cars are homegrown from the ground up. Now i dont like cats as much as I like these kind of cats KA-T’s but people usually dump the KA  for the usual SR20becausejdm swap but this driver kept the original powerplant added a turbo/intercooler and said hey Im going to pro-am come at me bro.


Too bad I forgot my flame-suit and its already getting hot up in here because the flame war is about to begin. If you didnt know this apparently some people dont like V8 swaps, who woulda thought?  Well competition has become noticeable more competitive making power levels go higher to match. Now this is LS6,7,8,9,10,mirrion. dousand  i dont know, it could be a dam rocket ship engine for all i know since i cant differentiate LS series engines. The Grey Hatch is pretty aggressive on the track with a driver to match not to mention its exhaust note makes you tremble as it reverberates off the walls.

In the TD-Proam Round 2 I coin termed the name Damthatsafastassredhatch well it was and I’m pretty sure I wasnt the only one thinking that since every time he came around I thought i was in a steam room with all the smoke his car creates.

Honestly probably one the most unicorn cars out there was this GM powered Datsun 510. Long ditching 4 cylinder single slammer L-series motor which resulted in the picture above just alittle bit easier. I have datsun, Ill get better and tandem maybe?

1uz is

What motor swap is starting to become very popular is not an american V8 but a Japanese one called the 1UZ. Running in this IS300 wasnt doing bad since the driver was still getting used to the power band being a complete beast  from its original six cylinder power plant.



Now maybe your not  Toyota or Chevy fan since you were built FORD tough since you laid eyes on a Boss 429. Well dam Shifty Fifty’s S14 had a V8 with a  Supercharger running along the channels of the intake runners equaling to a eye blurring combination, in other words its fast.  Sherry’s S13 vert had a moostang 5.0 V8 helping the vert get the push it wanted compared some other swaps.



As you can see here the1UZ is strong at is time with both already light AE86 corollas hatchback and coupes alike. I would think quite a big difference from the traditional 4AG around 90-110hp would make a giant different although only the Red Hatchback  is still rocking the dinosaur 4-Banger.



Then you have my old engine bay from my long departed 240Z after an accident about a month and a half ago. Thats all I have for you tonight guys but expect updates for SR20 swap ridealong in a about a week or so. If my money decides to stick with me this month also expect some updates about my 240z.


Until next time

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