AKIBA meets Part 1-2

For two months now we have teamed up with “Just Another”  a local car group here in the bay area trying to host meets near a desert joint named simply AKIBA, so since your reading this you should go like them on facebook at:http://www.facebook.com/akibasf and try their bombass Americano Crepe….like I dont know..UUHHH NAOW. Since smart guy joey forgot the camera twice for both meets I will give photo credit to where its do, thanks alot guys really like REALLY appreciate the photos -if you guys want any photos removed lemme know ;)-.

-Photo credit to Gino Victoria and Angie Sham  –

“Akiba is a cafe that hosts japanese anime, arts, toys and maid themed desert shop”  quoted from their “about” on fb, which is why this so fitting for a large variety of audiences since they show anime ranging from Trigun, Initial D, Gungrave, Ponyo and many more to mention a few. Their menu is decorated in Japanese deserts ranging from dragon-ball z soda to ninja shibuya (don’t know what it is? go order it) delivered by Maid themed servers just to top it off that JDM taste. They also have a art gallery in the back showing off some local artist pieces from the bay area and some are even ready for purchase if you simply cant go home without it being the theme of your living room.

Our first meet we hosted was on July 31st  had very great success having around 25-40 cars show up only problem was that akiba was already full when we arrived so it was kind of funny having I dont know, 40 OF US MOB INTO THERE  CAUSIN TRUBBA, i kid i kid(We are still trying to figure that out guys). From the photo’s above shows the diversity of cars that ended up coming through for some crepe chaos and just all around laughs with one another on any topic people can relate to.

The second one we hosted on September 2 was quite mellow at first glance after a little winds accompanied by fog past more people began to come through along with some new cars and faces to match. Last meet though there seemed to be groups sticking with groups not really stepping into conversations with others so I tried to improvised and wondered from group to group to keep things interesting, even coming out of retirement busted my ass trying to break on cement which brang some LOL’s for errrwun.

We hope to continue doing meets here aslong as we can with obvious minimal disturbance from das po-po because blurp-blurp is no good-good because the ride down geary was fun-fun …..the z would never make it over those dam speed bumps. I am also working to get the meets slightly more organized from the transition from the garage to akiba guys since last time was alittle everywhere lulz. In other news though Thunder-drift round 3 will be coming up pretty soon within about week in a halfish and I will have coverage on that aswell as some extra credit stuff hopefully this time around to get a little in depth. For car updates though My wiring harness should be here soon since i recieved some of eletrical stuffs and crap coming from Florida takes time to arrive, Joey is setting up installing that SR20 soon and another friend of ours is going to be taking a step in drifting with us aswell.

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KTHXBAI and thanks for viewing!

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