Whose that driver: Alveen “Get-it-on” Gideon

Today we’re shifting around from the usual, turn the spotlight on one of my favorite drivers of the Thunder-Drift Pro-am series aswell as a new friend in the drift-world. I wanted to do something  different than just full event coverage or empty post about our cars I figured why not dedicate a entire post to an individual  look up to.

Driver of this Rough n Tough Toyota Corolla (AE86)  is none other than Alveen Gideon. He has been getting lotta noticeable crowd love from round to round so I decided why not catch up with him to see why he aquired his battle axe for the fierce brawling of tire slaughtering sport that we call drifting. We finally had a moment, so i whipped out my phone, put the voice recorder on and asked a few questions.

TFH-Alex: So how did you get into drifting?

Alveen: Drifting? Ummm…..Fast and the furious………………………………………………………………………..no, no, no, Just kidding. Well back in the day you ever heard of a show called Super Tuner TV?

TFH- Alex: Yeah

Alveen: Well thats what pretty much introduced to it, but before that I used to like Rally so once I saw it applied to asphalt on that tv show it looked pretty dam cool ya’know. So thats where I started basically with like a Front Wheel drive like any ricer would do.

TFH-Alex: So what made you get into the AE86? Initial D? Lulz

Alveen: HAHAHA, funny thing is I never watched Initial D but I needed a daily driver because my track car at the time was a 240z with an SR20 then i picked this up for about $1800. Another reason I picked it up is its an all around fun car to drive so I get to learn alot while driving it on the track.

TFH-Alex: What made you stick with the 4-AG?

Alveen: Because no one else has it anymor!

TFH-Alex: Forsure keep it original!

TFH-Alex: Why do you think you were a crowd favorite this time around?

Alveen: I think I was the crowd favorite because my car is one the least built cars on the track and most likely the slowest on the track. So it shows the crowd that you dont need super duper amount of power to drift also being a little fearless makes the crowd go wild.

TFH-Alex: I remember seeing you on Life Blasters blog during the super-am coverage, how has your transition been from super-am to pr0-am?

Alveen: My transition wasn’t too bad but pro-am is definately alot more tough because of the higher stakes and faster cars out on the track

TFH-Alex: I’ve seen DTF on your car when I was at round 1, so what does DTF mean and how your affiliated with them?

Alveen: DTF Means Drop That Frame (dtfempire.com) its a clothing company, Weir Performance and Cascar machine shop are all the companies that help me out so much to have my car ready for each event i attend.  My car wouldn’t have even made it out there if it wasnt for my crew, family and great friends to support me to do these pro-am events.

(as im about to ask a few more i can feel my phone vibrating knowing it was me and my grilfriends ride home so I thought of thee most random question i could possibly think of..so this is what i came up with.)

TFH-Alex: If you can pick a dinosaur that would fit you best for drifting what would it be?

Alveen: 0_0 AWW MAN….uhh… whats the slowest and the most angriest dinosaur out?
TFH-Alex: UUUhhhhhhh… Reptar?

Alveen:Hmm Reptar?I Think a raptor would depict my car!


Now when Round 4 is announced go by Alveens’s pit give him a high five, fist bump, get an autograph, Man hug, aslong as you dont attempt a kiss,  Im pretty sure it would serve great help because crowd pleasers like this guy can only reach the top with the more support he can generate. He is easily one of the most relatable drivers out there trying to do events on a budget with all and any support he can get ranging from sponsors like DTF or sponsors alittle more close to home like friends and family

Thanks alveen for taking a second to take a high five and let us peek into your history, also big thanks to Thunderdrift for putting on a great event and Stockton 99 for letting them rip it up for a day ALSO big thanks to Lawrence Chen for bringing me up there and Kevin for making sure we made it back. Unfortunately this time around theres no full coverage like we did round 2 but in a few days I’ll post what I had or head over to the Team Feint Hearts facebook page to see them uploaded in the round 3 album, UNTIL NEXT ROUND!

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