Z Update and Rnd.3 Pics (Edit*)


After taking another look at this entry I noticed that my spelling skills in the A.M isn’t legible to the normal human being so I corrected it…..all of it.. like that was some serious derpage going on there. So without further ado:


A post that actually talks about one  of our dam cars on this blog we call feint heart.  Anyways I brought in my 240Z to a shop called Auto-Motion close by for a wiring overhaul,  since I’ve been plagued by two harnesses that sucked as bad as skrillex’s new music, i figured its time for it to go and get a revamp.

Now, I usually work on my car when given the oppurtunity but there’s times where lack of work space, scheduling and tools can easily become troublesome. Even moving your non running car for street cleaning every week can be a pain after while when you dont have a garage to put it in. I purchased an EZ Wire kit which is a universal wiring harness that comes with the bare essentials to keep the car running and street legal.

I had one more free tow left so I brought it down to the shop just before pro-am weekend came around. The shop had a variety of muscle cars with a loner Z in the cuts. They said it should take about 1-2 weeks although im not worried about timing since I havent been driving in about a month. Aslong as i get the car back sometime in october I’m not worried but from the vibe I was getting from this shop it looked like I was in good hands.

It was that time again for some Pro-AM drifting which was in the boring county of Stockton.  THIS EVENT WAS DOPE…. Here you can see the usual elements of drifitng or motorsports in general like Alex & Jose  checking things out inside  the cockpit of  Team Mint’s S13 Hatch which was having some issues with the new wiring,  then you have people like Alveen doing the  “I hope this is fucking tight enough so I wont die today” wheel torque procedure to just casually checking out your new paintjob which btw is the car I referenced as  “Damthatsafastasshatch” from our Round 2 coverage.

What made this such a drift-orgasmic event was the track layout being similar to the infamous Irwindale. You start at a straightaway,  then hit the bank as high as with lotsa smoke and speed,  transition from the middle to the infield, go through the infield  and come out the last turn as sideways as possible. I never been to layout like this one other than a skidpad and forumla d sonoma so this was a first in my book.

Everyone was having their fair share of misfortunes since it was pretty hot out making engine temperatures high, tires burn faster and axles essploding….wait…Well in Marcus Fry’s 510 that was the case since the night before during an exhibition he broke an axle and happened again later the day of the event, which sucked cause he was doing rather well throughout the event. During practice I notice the shutter on the camera starting to lag, lag, lag and before I knew it there was less than half battery left so I did what I could before it died.

Thanks to Edward from Carbon Studios mentioning something about Shutter speed I started to actually get good shots, even got a few that suprised me although for some reason I cant get away from that “warm tone” of the picture gone yet.   Anyways when it all came down the Podium, it was these guys that stood out:

3RD Place GANGSTA: Matt Madrigali

2nd Place HITMAN: Sean Hoover

1st Place BOSS: Josh Mcguire

Congratulations to those guyz because they all kicked serious ass and put on a great show for all of us that attended the event. So im  just gonna dump my favorite shots now Until next time! hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on you should go like us on FACEBOOK ON ——>>>> that side of the page kthxbai!

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