Monthly Meetz: AKIBA Chapter 3

Well here we are again at another chill and chat meet near the delicous desert restaurant by the name of akiba. Last time where things got alittle confusing on the whole getting “all those gang members from fast and furious” inside akiba all at once.

We had people from all over from Ratsun forums, Bay area Z car association, Friends of team mint, DRP crew, Just Another, Feint Heart, group of G35’s decided to come join the party, we even people come from Santa Rosa …although they left like ninja’s lol. I particularly liked hosting the event actually (Alex) because getting a group of people together to gander a look at cars or talk about bukkake, batman, toxic farts, atom bomb chemicals, obama and sex positons that’ll work in the kitchen or essentially anything to have a good’ol laugh is my type of thing. Although due to the misty weather from the day it pretty much cancelled our plans for going on a “jog”  to Mt.Tam since the “walkways”  because it would be  too wet for first timers. Now enough blabbering lets see who actually decided to become the masters of parking and posing.

Well here we have is the modern day cars that will be replacing the 240sx platform once it reaches equal age and value in my opinion since they’re being dumped with new aftermarket parts all day and becoming more accesible as time goes on, but with a peak over the bonnet of the middle 350z is a cressida which reminds of us hard body lines aren’t out of style just yet in this modern age. G35’s are usually called the fat princess of the 350z being heavier with more of a luxury touch although it can hold its own if given the oppurtunity.

In any other form of the internet these cars would be criticized and loved by two very different audiences. As I said when they arrived in the parking lot “a meet isn’t a meet unless a wild Honda crew appears”  they came in a group of 4-5 cars to show us that Honda tuning is far from extinct adapting to the newer styles of today’s car culture.The prelude sporting  a more form over function look and  the eg hatch with a more tamed track platform.

In 1968 Datsun (Nissan for you tards) came out with the “poor mans”  BMW called Datsun 510 here in the u.s which was a big tin sedan. Its age is very noticable with the round eye headlights, louvered grills, single piece bumpers and chrome trimmings around the tails. Even in this 21’st century their body lines will still break necks like they did  in the 70’s and would repeat that spinal contusion encounter upon entering the lot . The moment I seen the 3  da tsuns roll in I thought of one thing “Holy shit….Ratsun’s in town bitches”  a gorgeous white 510 sedan and two 510 wagons but the other wagon had left early before I could capture a moment, although they were one short they definitely got eye raped by anyone who knew what they were looking at.

Kool thing about meets is you cant always expect whose going to show up no matter who it may be.  A friend from high school came down to the meet in his slammed ass IS300  and then another high school comrade rolled into the meet with his white miata, small world right? A regular at these meets is the burgundy 240z  which is pretty much stock but waiting for funds to upgrade anything and everything  if the drivers cash flow will allow it. The line of cars down on the right are also regulars to these meets that goes by the name as “Just Another”  with variety of makes, models and personalities to match.

I’m happy to say this event went helluva alot smoother than the last one where things got alittle confusing. That aside I’m glad I had an oppurtunity to remove the image from your facebook/forum profile pic and actually put a human image in my mind to a name and car.  So till next month, we shall gather again.

If I missed a shot your ride or didnt get  a chance to chop it up for a second these meets will be hosted every month, so if you wanna see your car here just let me know and I’ll put em up thur for ya. Octobers event will try to have a daytime BBQ meet if possible but TFH i planning on hosting a small homie ran skidpad late october. So until next time!

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