Progress? What progress?

Well i mean dam….its been a minute so why not show you all whats been going lately…..

I found this on the walk home coming from work and thought well isnt this ironic..Well that pretty much whats been going on (for some of us  anyways). Alex’s 240z has been undergoin a renewal in the electrical spaghetti area along with some pretty common but useful upgrade for the l-series powerplant and some exterior sugar coated essentials.

If you didnt know before I tried to get my car worked on at a shop but a few weeks after i dropped it off he told me that the shop is going up for sale. To counter this I asked if it was alright if I can work on the car in the shop until the doors close, his reply was yes thanfully. Then the EZ-Wire kit began slowly to be slithered and slipped throughout the z, one of the employees there by the name of Danny actually started it for me while I was still working which btw he is a pretty dam cool guy. The EZ Wire kit looks intimidating at first sight with a large roll of wire, relays (in my case), fuse box and just the thought of rewiring my car but we got the car to start friday night which this week I will be trying to finish the wiring since it will mainly be toggle switches. Since I didnt want to go through the trouble of wiring the exterior voltage regulator I went with a 280ZX 60 amp alternator (internal regulator) with an adjustable arm, then tossed my outdated distributor to uprgrade to a 280zx E12-80 distributor with a MSD Blaster coil.

I needed a new SS brake line cuz the last one I had was made to long which ended up rubbing the wheel abit. If you can see in the picture my current steering wheel is pretty mangled  so i thought why not get a new one? so i hit up Grip Royal for the “HINO” wheel that was just put back in stock a few weeks ago. I can bet your thinking…..”he’s not going to do that color”.. well I’m here to tell you that my Z will….be…pink……and I have no fucking idea how its going to look..which is good in a way cuz its vinyl and i can rip it off whenever i feel like it….WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING… anyways..

At work theres always piles of used tires which I didnt care for until I realized how many sets of 16’s and 17’s they’re are. Found some salvageable 205/55’s  for my 16×9.5  spinwerks/circle racing wheels and dont worry I’m not planning  on running these for long but the look of it sits pretty well with me and helps me consider on buying new tires the same size rather than 215/50’s like i originally wanted

p.s- Flame trick credit to Yoshi and Leo for being bored enough to keep trying after failed attempts.

Well that will be all for now guys but dont worry we wont be gone for long since thunderdrift final round is real soon, also i have thursday/friday off so i can work more on the car and we will bring back Feint Heart fridays back in full swing next week. I know the pics arent the greatest but they were more directed to the “progress” report feel of the post.

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