Video Reel

First of the videos is a event hosted by City Tech

Second one up was a small car meet called Monthly Meetz (hosted monthly hence the name) we hosted for some people to get together and talk cars or whatever it is that keeps a conversation going. People came from over the bridge, locally in the city and little down south of the Norcal region to come through.

Following the Meet we had a little giveaway to the people that got the most attention at the actual meet, social media or the most talked about. Stelio in his Round-eye S13 and Alex’s One-eyed E30 got the most buzz with their unique cars….but were’nt just hard parkers.

Then our most recent event which has received a lot of attention with our coverage of just the skidpad portion of the event. Limitless Motorsport Customer Appreciation Day was that event and probably the funnest one I was at (w/o driving) and actually enjoyed shooting because the laidback aura.

CATS SKIDPAD from Team Feint Heart on Vimeo.

Kinda cool though because you can see the video quality progress through each video! Enjoy!

P.S- We also will have an entry soon about the progression TFH cars and Design.

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