Sonoma Drift Rnd.1: Drift Season has begun

Hello and Welcome to our short and effective coverage of Sonoma Drift Round 1 Season opener. This event will kick off the entire season of drifting in the Northern California region since Stockton 99 pro-am series is starting in just two weeks this gives drivers a chance to test, tune, break, replace and become comfortable with their new setups.



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Though this  season is already starting a buzz by driving away people from competing due to strict regulations and rules that were released in a small time frame of the event. Just like any sport though dedicated competitors showed anyways with a roaring 60 fans sounding like 1000!. !

DSC_0923 DSC_0942 DSC_0967 DSC_1096 DSC_1116 DSC_1209 DSC_1274

Onto the action! TO THE TOP 16!


Our first batch of competitors were  Matt Madrigali  and “Tallest guy with the lowest car (and the coolest car)” Palmer Sanderson. Im not going to act like I know what happened exactly since when the qualifiers were announced my SD card decided to ruin the day and forced me to the pits. When I came back Matt was given the W, is Matt looking for a back to back win at sonoma?





Next round of  tandems featured Fire Suit Joe and this V8 Powered coupe, the battle was ended quickly with two spinouts from the s13 which led Joe onward to start his hot streak.





It was then time for Team Mints AE86 Driver Chris  and Sliding Sexy’s Angel to duel for a spot in the top 8. Angel’s runs were pretty good but her line wasn’t consistent and had to take out some cones along the way but even so Chris held it together and stayed calm enough to earn the win for a spot in the top 8. Although Angel didnt make the top 8  she sounded very excited at the fact that she finished the course!




Donovan in his NECKBREAKIN E30 and Cricks  “Burnthemost”  S13 were next on the track. While both runs were clean from each driver  you can see Donovan straightened and re-initiated which cost him some points.  Crick was off to a clean run and a Win.



Regulars of the Northern Cali drift world was a rematch between Henry Van and Team Mint’s Sherry Kamiya from Winter Jam. After this bout  Henry was awarded the win making it 2-0 against Sherry but I’m sure this wont be the last time they meet!



Track was ready for Will Griffith and Joe Busto in the battle of the V8 silvias.  Joe straightened out  towards the end of the track which Will needed to just have a clean run to win which he did so. Will to the 8!





Now so far every event I’ve attended  there’s always a battle that sticks in your memory easier simply because of how AWEOMENLY epic this battle was. Andy and this Keith Gevas’s S14 (thanks Matt!) was doing just that staying on each others doors all the way up, down, to mars, to yo mamas house, to the windows to the wall to the sweat job down these…..anyways they were going at it like many others have with controversial OMT’s , a screaming 70 fans. It was just really cool to watch and we finally had a result after the S14 having trouble with proximity allowing Andy’s mirrion dollar Miata to advance!






Joe and Julian were ready to set things a blaze next to begin the top 8 tandemonium. Julian was the top seated driver although under powered he managed to stay consistent all day and during practice. In this battle though bigger was better. Joe had the skill to use it to his advantage and gaped Julian enough on his lead run to get  a win.





Next up was Matt and Chris to get some side by side action but with a spin out by Chris and a clean run by Matt made the Army Green S13 an easy choice for a winner. Although people like Chris and Julian show you don’t need gratuitous amount of power to be competitive.




Will and Crick were up for their tandem battle with the first run going well even with some hiccups. When roles reversed Will decided to go NASCAR and jump the rumble strip which sling shotted him out only to find himself facing the wrong way of the track. Crick advances!





From his fierce tandems Andy looked to be the favorite in this bout but Henry didnt budge feeling confident about his 2-0 victory this was going to be good. Andy+Miata+ SR+  Precision= Andy advances.



Joe’s JZ vs Cricks V8? Sounds like music to my ears accompanied with a battle to match. Crick was staying close to Joe most of the way through the course and during his lead run had made a big enough gap for a win.



During Andys and Matt battle my sd card went full retard ….sooo…..all I remember is Matt winning guys sorry I usually have something witty to say!!





Matt’s  SR20 Baby Hulk was ready to face off with the Cricks Big Bad American Muscle s13. Crick went for some seriously big angle at the last turn but paid for it twice giving a certain one someone their second consecutive win at Sonoma raceway.


Congratualations to Matt Madrigali on his win and thanks to Sonoma Raceways staff for putting on a great event which I think will build attendance the more exposure it gets!

Till next time!

P.S We also have a video of the event that Thomas made aswell! Enjoy!

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