Homies and A camera

Over Facebook on my personal page I let people know that I wanted to see how to take pictures at night. Soon enough a few friends, brought their friends so i can take some night pics and just kick it for a night.


A regular of the meets and previously featured cool guy Stelio decided to roll out and bring some friends along. That night I found out long shutter speed absorbs light….I think.


Always wanted to goto a rave….but I cant afford that shit so this is good enough. Recently though I/We downloaded photoshop and I’ve got a chance to play with it since I usually edit pictures and post from my Ipad’s version of photoshop for easy and fast content.




We all really didn’t have a plan for where we were going to go so I decided to goto a spot where I used to swang mah shit up in dah hood in my z-dirty-wun brah….. Having no idea WTF I was doing some pictures came out pretty good. But then something amazing happened.


I had no Tri-Pod so I either had to lay the camera on something….in this case was cloth and concrete for my make shift tripod. I had hit the button waiting to hear the shutter and down the street 2 cars were coming up making the Midnight Rainbow over this MR2……..



DSC_0370 DSC_0362

After getting some pics from that location it was time to move. Fatigue definitely started setting in with more pics coming out blurry so I whipped up the make shift tripod and cracked some jokes waiting for the shutter sound.



We were actually suprised security didnt show up or anything…..


So much for that, I learned a few things and also need to invest in a decent tripod lol and my own camera although aint nobody got time for that since the Z needs to get back on the road. That way I wont be stuck taking pictures of other peoples car other than my own. Till next time!

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