Apparently we work on cars

Its about time to shed some light on our cars and free up some dam space of these memory cards. We’ll start off with the car that was getting eye raped by people when it was parked in the lawn of Sonoma. Lets flashback before its final form about  how it began…


You know all the videos you guys watched? Well Thomas, man in red, is usually the director of those films (other than 2). This here is his White s14 with  common but effective MB Battles. Long story short taking a trip to Fatlace to see if they make our stickers, he called screaming that  pretty much was going to buy alot more than stickers.



Turns out Marc Arcenal of Hellaflush…i mean Fatlace was selling his TRA Kyoto Rocket Bunny kit and for a price that Thomas couldn’t pass up. He obtained the kit fairly soon and we started piecing it together. The kit is very agressive so with a decision  make wheel fitment match the look we…….


dumped it…It looked dam gangster. It was just too cray cray to run on street at that height without pull/roll/hammer so we went with this height instead.



I would Say the final look came out pretty jdm snapping good.Now stunting sideskirts and the famous duckbill wing Thomas’s car now looks pretty legit and maybe one of the most now recognizable in the city. Not to mention the birth of our TFH sticker in the corner of the rear windsield which so very much accepted by you guys but wouldn’t had been done without the help of Attackworks!


More exterior wise toned down version from Thomas’s is Yoshi’s  240 that ends in Z rather than SX.  A maroon Datsun that is undergoing some heavy work although undecided if if this specfic chassis will drift nonetheless has been adopted as one of the TFH cars.



With his motor removed, currently rebuilding and upgrading things along the way is slowly coming together. He is going for a more for a classic look compared to me where I want everything awesome, his motor will be a tad bit more powerful than mine being a 2.8 rather than a 2.4. Onto my shitbox..


Here’s my car in its all crap ass glory never wanting to run and such but plagued with scheduling to take a look at the car. Other than that though getting rid of my ghetto make shift seat brackets, the previous pink vinyl now transparent and a few other tid bits things a vaguely going smoothly. My main investment recently though was..



Was the T3 Bumpsteer spacers to start things off debating if  want new suspension upfront and such.


Thanks to one of the many previous owners millions of years ago either bottomed out or completely installed my sway bar bolt wrong was bent into a L-shape. I tried to bend it back instead though resulted to just grabbing my katana blade and going mortal kombat on that ass with a spine severing bolt splitting slash.


To sum it all up we have cars in all common states with one that looks cool and starts every time,  to the car that’s just right there but not quite, to another that’s in pieces waiting to be put together. One thing is for sure this summer WILL have all three cars on the road rolling together. So for now we will play the waiting game till that point in time will arise.

Till next time viewers

Also Go checkout AttackXWorks because their tottally awesome and our sticker or design wouldn’t had beenable to become a reality!

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