GoldenGate Drift Rnd.1- In for the fight


Hurry, hurry, hurry come get your thrills from GoldenGate Drifts (GGD) first round of their Formula D Pro-am series! If you havent checked out our practice day coverage and the pit area go here: GoldenGate Drift: Spectator Standpoint .



After practice day drivers suited up again for the main show after making fixes and dialing their cars for the last time before qualifying. There were quite a few more cars that were around this time from the day of practice but still made for a dam good show.

IMG_7542 IMG_7543 IMG_7544 IMG_7546


The track layout was very simple starting from straightaway, hard right into the bank, ride the wall into the infield and then come onto the second bank ride the wall back into the infield to finish the runs.

IMG_7534 IMG_7742 IMG_7674



Stockton walls are known to be “very unprofessional and very mean” to drivers no matter the skill level. Few were taken completely out of the event but wall taps were much appreciated. In a way its kind of like a high five between the driver and the wall resulting in the crowd going completely nuts.

IMG_7558 IMG_7573 IMG_7583 IMG_7633 IMG_7663 IMG_7678 IMG_7697 IMG_7712

Qualifying went by fast with an array of spin outs  wall taps and smoke filled runs drivers pushed their cars to limits to get a top spot in the main show. A statement was made this day with Alveen Gideon receiving the first place qualifier spot with the least amount of horsepower almost comparable to a washer or dryer definitely made him standout from the rest.

-TOP 16-

IMG_7783 IMG_7773

First up for battles was Nick Bayati’s RBS13 against  Alveens limiter screaming corolla. Nick has upgraded the RB since the last time we met making 400ish whp and added a Big Country Labs wing to keep it on the floor but he only had small amount of actual seat time with the setup. During Nicks lead run he spun out allowing Alveen to advance to the next round.

IMG_7788 IMG_7794

Next up Julians awkward but functional S12 vs. Joe Aimes dancing triangles rx7 were ready to do battle. Its seems that Julian caught the dizziness leftover from Nick and also spun out  just before the second bank giving Joe the win.


Familiar face Matt Madrgali also fitted with a new Big Country Labs wing was going against Ty Milner which rumor has it that his Motor was from Matt Fields old Formula D car. Would it be enough to take out Matt’s two event winning streak?

IMG_7814 IMG_7826

Ty’s motor was screaming to catch but Matt’s consistency is was what took the cake.

IMG_7835 IMG_7844

The pair of Supermade Instant Gentlemen kitted cars which was Chris Mills in red and Joshua Sher in blue. On the Josh’s follow run he had spun out at the end of the first bank from correcting to catch up to Chris. Chris advances.

IMG_7859 IMG_7862

Jeff Wolsons Grey hatch was to do battle with this un-sponsored E30….Jeff like a black hole sucked him in and on the E30’s follow run tried to catch Jeff but spun out during the process, Jeff Advances!

IMG_7864 IMG_7866

Jeff Yorks sleek RX7 was scheduled to go against Joe Busto’s V8 S14 which ended early as well from a spin from Joe.

IMG_7872 IMG_7878 IMG_7882

Limitless motosports Will Griffith was next in line to due battle against Matt Coffman’s mayhem of a S13. Matt had a few private test and practice before the event to ensure a top spot but old habits die hard. A spin out at the beginning of the second bank solidified Will’s journey to the great 8.



Donovan had a bye run since Joe Farsati in the white supra headbutted the wall during qualifying breaking a line to his oil cooler.

-TOP 8-

IMG_7894 IMG_7903 IMG_7901

Alveen was on fire all day with his low powered corolla appreciated by everyone at the event, Joe Aimes was looking to put that fire out by being on his door the entire run. Unfortunately Alveen’s run became a little sloppy letting Joe slip away with the win.

IMG_7911 IMG_7915 IMG_7927

Calm n Cool Matt Madrigali was ready to let the Hulk out once again only to be stopped by red hulk Chris Mills after a long battle involving an Omt. Chris’s clean line and proximity drew him the winner card.



A sloppy follow run from Will gave Donovan Brockways a big enough gap to get him to the top four. Can Donovan get podium in two different series?

IMG_7960 IMG_7964

Jeff’s rx7 was dancing  but not  enough to getaway from Jeff Wolfsons s13 staying on his door till no end. Wolfson advances.


IMG_7977 IMG_7979

Chris and Joe  were ready to hit the bank together, apparently Joe decided to stick around at the beginning of the second bank like most other drivers had spun out before him. CHRIS TO THE 1ST PLACE ROUND


Donovan was ready to go two for two during his debut to pro-am series after getting pass Jeff Wolfson. Donovan shot himself in the foot by straightening  in the infield area. JEFF TO 1ST PLACE ROUND

For third

IMG_8000 IMG_8008 IMG_8012 IMG_8016 IMG_8020

When Joe was going up against Donovan for the Third place spot he did a wall tap  straight into the bank. Donovan maneuvered well his shallow angle may have given Joe the advantage? or did Joe lose angle after the wall tap?

For First Place

IMG_8021 IMG_8069 IMG_8167 IMG_8157 IMG_8153 IMG_8086

Two guys that can’t be stopped open the opportunity for the crowd to get loud and fatigue to rise between Chris Mills and Jeff Wolfson for the first place spot. Honestly they were so on top of their game every run looked like the last with no give or take from either driver……. after 2-3 OMTS a victor was selected.

Fourth Place:

Donovan Brockway


Third Place:


Joe Aimes

Second Place:


Jeff Wolfson

1s place:


Chris Mills


Also provided was “Crazy Entry Award” rewarded to  Alveen Gideon


So that’s all she wrote from the debut for GoldenGateDrifts Round.1 Pro-am series which by far from this example is going to be a great series to watch or compete! Congratulations drivers and see you next time!






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