Golden Gate Drift Round 2

Its been quite around here so why dont we get loud with the return of Golden Gate Drift Pro-am Round 2 at Stockton 99 Rceway.

This time the layout was flipped around alittle closer to Thunderdrifts layout from last year including both Banks. Another suprise was a few competitors came up north to compete with the Northern Region.




Unfortunately though I wasn’t able to get many photo’s in this time around since I was focusing mainly utilizing my new camera (to me) for video. Stockton 99 always has its fair share of crashes allowing others to continue deeper into the competition leaving some unscathed.



Qualifying shrank though with a couple of drivers out of the game completely from run in from the obscene wall made it the fastest top 16 evar. In the end though the ones who came out on top were:


3RD Place: Nick Bayati
Nick although making less power than last round (25oish) with his  RB on a new tune. He was consistent enough to keep it all together to get one of the top spots, I’m rooting for you Nick!


2nd Place:Chris Mills

This guy was on it all day going through all my video footage or photos he was on the door whoever he was behind. Chris  got first last round and leading in point brings him that much closer to his Formula D license.


1st Place: Dave Forman

A competitor from the Top-Drift series came up and shook the series with his Oddball chassis and in your face tandem tactics made this round extremely exciting watching him throughout the day. Dave is going to be rattling the ranks for the next two rounds and will be a competitor to watch till the curtains close.



So thats about it I will be sharing pics throughout the week until the next event we attend. Sorry guys I know this one isn’t as in depth as the usual round by round or play by play format that previous post have been but I simply dont have the time for it at the moment. Until then checkout our video that was released moment ago and as always thanks for visiting.


<p><a href=”″>GoldenGateDrift Round 2</a> from <a href=”″>Team Feint Heart</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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