GoldenGateDrift Pro-am RD.3

WELCOME BACK BRO’S AND GALS! WE MISSED YOU. Now that Bash to future  has came and went it was time to get focused. For Thomas and Myself (Alex) was to attend Golden Gate Drift pro-am once again! The past two rounds have been great and round 3 was not going to disappoint. This time around […]

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Golden Gate Drift Round 2

Its been quite around here so why dont we get loud with the return of Golden Gate Drift Pro-am Round 2 at Stockton 99 Rceway. This time the layout was flipped around alittle closer to Thunderdrifts layout from last year including both Banks. Another suprise was a few competitors came up north to compete with […]

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Apparently we work on cars

Its about time to shed some light on our cars and free up some dam space of these memory cards. We’ll start off with the car that was getting eye raped by people when it was parked in the lawn of Sonoma. Lets flashback before its final form about  how it began… You know all […]

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Homies and A camera

Over Facebook on my personal page I let people know that I wanted to see how to take pictures at night. Soon enough a few friends, brought their friends so i can take some night pics and just kick it for a night. A regular of the meets and previously featured cool guy Stelio decided to […]

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