Thunderdrift Pro-AM: Round 4…..FIGHT!!

First off I hope everyone had a fantasticly fantastic turkey murdering-pants button popping-slopping on the couch- Thanksgiving weekend. This post will not involve anything about your moms greatest food recipes or how to slice that weight you gained from the holiday in half. No this post is about a recipe of roasting tires, not roastings […]

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Progress? What progress?

Well i mean dam….its been a minute so why not show you all whats been going lately….. I found this on the walk home coming from work and thought well isnt this ironic..Well that pretty much whats been going on (for some of us  anyways). Alex’s 240z has been undergoin a renewal in the electrical […]

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Monthly Meetz: AKIBA Chapter 3

Well here we are again at another chill and chat meet near the delicous desert restaurant by the name of akiba. Last time where things got alittle confusing on the whole getting “all those gang members from fast and furious” inside akiba all at once. We had people from all over from Ratsun forums, Bay […]

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Z Update and Rnd.3 Pics (Edit*)

*EDIT* After taking another look at this entry I noticed that my spelling skills in the A.M isn’t legible to the normal human being so I corrected it…..all of it.. like that was some serious derpage going on there. So without further ado: FINALLY. A post that actually talks about one  of our dam cars […]

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Engines of TD Pro-AM

Yo people and welcome back, for a minute it has been quite so when people started asking “What engine was that car running” and “oh wasn’t that car running this” talk . I thought why not do a entry about the engines in the engine bays that were battling in the bay, without further ado.   Well this nice […]

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Thunderdrift Pro-AM: Round 2

Well, well, take your seat on the couch over there while our private pleasers……i mean private escorts…i mean dammi… Just take a seat because.. Yet again i pretend to be awesome at thee art of moment capturing and shutter blinking. This is Thunder-drift pro-am round 2 hosted at the Solano fairgrounds here in California if […]

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